Altendorf MAGIS is the new digital, graphical operator guidance system that makes complex workflows straightforward. Cut by cut, the intelligent MAGIS software guides users through the predefined cutting sequence clearly and reliably. Operators can expect savings in both time and material as a result.


▶   Cutting procedures and sequences are simply displayed on the tablet

▶   Operators enjoy visual guidance

▶   Straightforward data acquisition from cut optimisation stage

▶   Incorrect cuts and material waste are avoided

▶   Production time is reduced

▶   Label printers print barcodes (optional)

Altendorf MAGIS always keeps the big picture in view: it acquires the relevant data from the cut optimisation package, detects the saw specification and then incorporates this information into the visualisation. Easily understood symbols displayed on a tablet guide the user through the necessary steps. The loaded dimension specifications for manual fences or automatic adjustment of motorised fences are clearly visible and simplify work from the outset. The system can also be used to label finished workpieces with information including a barcode that can be read with a scanner to access instructions for subsequent processing. This means that every single machine operator in the production process knows exactly what needs to be done next.



guides the machine operator through the cutting procedure
• provides a clear visual explanation of how materials in both panel and strip form are to be cut
• can be used with any Altendorf sliding table saw, from WA 6 to F 45
detects the properties and features of the machine and factors them into the visualisation
• offers mobile control from the operating computer (tablet), which can be prepared in the office, on the road, at home - wherever is most convenient at the time
• increases operating reliability and workplace safety for inexperienced users as well
• is compatible with all well-known optimisation solutions thanks to the Altendorf *.saw output
• permits the user to set priorities in terms of material utilisation, processing time and stacking
• supports display of the cutting list on an optional second screen for assisting at the machine outfeed
• provides the option of being able to generate labels bearing codes for unique identification of workpieces and information about subsequen processing. The labels are read with a scanner
• is also available as a standalone software package
• makes full use of Altendorf's decades of experience in precision cutting
The uncluttered design visualises the sequence of how materials are to be cut.

The overall view shows very clearly how the material is to be cut.

The cutting plan can optionally be represented on a second screen.

Supplier of SAW files suitable for the Magis connection