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A world-class manufacturing business that is based in Minden in Germany, Altendorf has been making saws and other wood processing machines for well over a century. In fact, them company built its reputation in the early part of the twentieth century because it invented the first sliding table saws, designs which have been developed and perfected in the decades since the first ones came onto market. However, Altendorf is a forward-thinking business which does not rest on its laurels or trade off the back of an old reputation for engineering excellence in the English-speaking world.



"We have always been uneasy about the fact that existing systems, including the well-known "Saw Stop" feature, only ever kick in after the accident has happened. And they cause damage to parts of the machine as well. We wanted the machine to act sooner to protect the operator and prevent accidents and life-threatening injuries altogether. This means detecting the hazard at an early stage without impinging on the operator's discretion." - Karl-Friedrich Schröder, Head of Development at the Altendorf Group

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The fence rule arranged in the centre allows the workpiece to be positioned at the front and the rear. The two adjustable supports ensure secure support here. Features a robust 90° locking mechanism that ensures the right-angle position is absolutely reproducible. The fence can be angled by up to 47° in either direction. The integrated digital display shows the set angle with an accuracy of 1/100°. Also included is length compensation.

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Today, Altendorf produces YouTube videos and uses social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to highlight its many saw products. It has developed remote maintenance packages that allow our service engineers to use optimization software on new machinery no matter where it might be in the world. All of the data that is held in Altendorf’s software systems is held securely to ensure total privacy, of course. 

Put simply, Altendorf is able to help all sorts of commercial users of powered saw technologies across the globe, whether they are looking for a modern, cutting edge supplier or a tried-and-tested manufacturer of panel saws. Read on to find out why so many businesses turn to us for their sawing requirements or get in contact with our team directly. The experts at Altendorf are here to help with any questions you may have!



When you look back at the long history of Altendorf, there have been many highs on the road to today's position of enviable success. The company is named after Wilhelm Altendorf, the man who invented the sliding table saw back in 1906. His engineering vision was the basis for the company, one which underwent considerable changes in the 1950s. Kurt and Willy, Wilhelm's sons, decided to reshape the enterprise to focus on sliding table saw production exclusively, such was the demand in Germany and elsewhere for high-performance machines of this type. A working policy to this technology was developed which became known as the 'Altendorf system', something that no other engineering group around the globe could reproduce adequately.

Over the years, production grew steadily at Altendorf. One thousand machines were produced in 1963. By 1975, the company was making over three thousand sliding table saws per annum. The business passed through two further generations and was most recently led by Tom Altendorf, who continued to run the enterprise in the family tradition. In 2017, however, the news was that the family decided to withdraw from the business completely when it sold its remaining shares and the company passed into new directorship. The Altendorf brand is now recognized as one that is synonymous with the sliding table saw in well over 130 locations worldwide. Indeed, the current owners have built on the brand's reputation for engineering excellence, high-quality service and product reliability.

This is very much in evidence within the US market, of course. In fact, in January 2019, the new owners of the group established the Altendorf Group of America to build on the brand's reputation in North America. A new facility was set up in Mooresville, NC as a base of operations that was specifically intended to focus on the technical needs of American wood processing and joinery businesses. Featuring an impressive product showroom, it is now home to Altendorf Group America where spares parts are stored, thereby enabling even faster responses to be made from a customer service perspective and to improve the link between the business and its US client base.



The edgebanders designs produced by Altendorf are no less impressive than our panel saws. They are now established right throughout America as trusted systems that can function reliably and with a great deal of ease from the operator's point of view. From the K series of edgebanders through to our F series – not to mention the impressive Top 2000 Plus – our edgebanding technologies set the standard for the industry. These machines provide a sophisticated level of edge processing that today's trade users expect. Useful features like diamond-tipped pre-milling aggregates and multi-radius profile scrapers are commonplace. Top and bottom trimming is carried out precisely but with great power to ensure that superb results occur every time.

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In the view of many satisfied customers around the world, it is the reliable way that Altendorf's sliding table saws work that makes them stand out. For example, the F 45 sliding table saw sets the benchmark when it comes to making very precise cuts again and again over the course of a working day without the need for a great deal of time-consuming maintenance. Features like the product's eye-level control system allow users to alter the height and tilt of the saw blade. This means that the F 45 offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to operators. There again, depending on the control package selected, the speed of operation and other functions can be fine-tuned, too. Once they have found the F 45, or a product in the even more extensive Altendorf WA series, many woodworking businesses realize that their search for a top-notch powered panel saw is over. Altendorf really does have sliding table saws of all shapes and sizes to suit every kind of enterprise.

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The high-performance products made by Altendorf have set the standard globally for decades. The ease of navigation from being an established producer of table sliding saws in the 1950s and 1960s to making other products was not news to many professionals who understood the company's desire to service the needs of the woodworking industry. Today, Altendorf manufactures a complete range of sawing products and accessories that make it possible to link the early days of innovation right through to the modern-day iteration of the inventive business.

A good example of the sort of ground-breaking accessories that makes Altendorf the home of innovation is its air cushion table. This allows for even very large panels to be handled without making undue contact with the saw's table as they are processed. In short, they make the navigation of panels from unprocessed workpieces to precisely cut ones much simpler by deploying compressed air just where it is needed.

There again, you might like to take a look at the Altendorf crosscut fence for miter cutting. The key information to take on board about this device is that it helps to machine precise bevel cuts into the wood you are working on because it maintains good contact between the workpiece and the blade at just the right angle. Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are many other devices and accessories available in the Altendorf range – what has been mentioned here is just a snapshot. Search our website in complete privacy to discover just how many innovative ideas there are available today. You can toggle between the ranges via the submenu at the top of each page.



To find out more information or to locate your nearest Altendorf sales representative, click on the Contact page link which can be found at the top of the Home page. Alternatively, contact us to arrange an inspection or a repair of your current Altendorf products.


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