All-in-one woodworking machines from experts with insider knowledge of the sector

As a world leader in edgebander machine design and all-in-one table saw technology, all wood processing businesses in the United States can rely on Altendorf Group of America. If you want the ability to machine sections of wood reliably with a tool you can rely on, then Altendorf really is the brand for you. However, it is not just our all-in-one woodworking machines that make us stand out, but our insider knowledge of the industry. With technical expertise in-house and that can be drawn on from our first-class engineering teams in Europe and North America, all of your tool requirements can be met. Looking for a special aesthetic from your furniture making tools or need to work in a wood processing workshop or factory space that is free from dust, for example? Contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

A combination of high-performance wood machines and in-depth knowledge

When it comes to power equipment that delivers precise cutting technology, Altendorf is a global leader. As you might expect, we offer a combination of machine engineering excellence and great customer service so all of your technical specifications can be met. Whether you want to drill down into our ability to provide table saw accessories that allow for precision cutting, such as vacuum table or TIP-SERVO drive technology, our experts will be able to guide you. Equally, if you want to know more about router accessories with our edgebander systems or planer equipment for our all-in-one woodworking machines, then we are at your disposal.

At Altendorf, we believe that it is only by making contact with our clients and finding out what they want that we can develop the tools they genuinely want to use. This might come down to developing a new router technology or a planer system for an edgebander machine or a device that can press workpieces more effectively against the cutting blades of our table saw products, for instance. Yes, we might be market leaders with all-in-one woodworking technology, but that does not mean that we don't want to drill down into what the market is likely to need in the future. In short, by staying in contact with the way our customers use our equipment, we are able to stay one step ahead.

Edgebander machines and table saw tools that will suit any woodworking shop

Of course, if you want to shop for a wood processing machine that has the power to deliver in the way you want, making contact with us makes a lot of sense. Not only do our technical experts learn from you, but our know-how can be passed on to you, as well. If you have a combination of questions about the way in which you can make use of our all-in-one tool systems, then do not hesitate to put them to us. We can direct you to instructional videos, provide you with the right technical specification datasheets, or come up with a bespoke answer if your inquiry is new to us. After all, anyone who works in a space in America where you will find a table saw or an edgebander machine in use will have a slightly different approach and, therefore, a different technical question they will want to press.

As such, we want to encourage a dialog about the machine development that should take place in the future, including the function of table saws and horizontal edgebander machine systems. Even if you cannot see a machine within our range that you think will suit your projects when you search our website, then seeking technical assistance from our team is well worth it. We can recommend an alternative machine accessory for any combination of requirements thanks to our in-depth and insider know-how.