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Established in the US as a high-quality edgebander machine manufacturer, Altendorf is a leading saw and wood processing machine maker. We have been making powered woodworking tools for personal and industrial use since we were founded well over a century ago. This means that all of our expertise and technical know-how in sawing and edge processing technology goes into our current crop of world-class edgebanders. If you are looking for premier edgebanding machines for panel work in wood or other materials, then you need to look no further than the superb Altendorf range.

Please bear in mind that our products work just as well as a mortiser or a pre-milling tool as they do as simple edgebanders. This is because we take account of the wider requirements of today's trade users who need a wide degree of functionality from their woodworking products. We believe that our edge bander machines provide just the right degree of flexibility to be able to do all sorts of woodworking jobs whilst still offering an incredible level of precision when edge processing. Crucially, this is the case whether you are preparing an edge for a glue application or for a joint.

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When you want to conduct some sophisticated engineering in your woodwork, you need edgebanding equipment that you can truly rely on to offer the level of accuracy demanded in the modern world. With Altendorf, you are in good company. Given that our design engineers have many years' worth of experience with edging and CNC technology, our quality products are never in doubt. In fact, we think you cannot find superior edge banding machines for daily usage because our machines are designed to cope with the sort of jobs that are conducted all over the world every day. A variety of workpiece thicknesses can be handled with simple adjustments, for example.


Indeed, reconfiguring one of our edgebander machines is easy thanks to our touch-screen operated control units and many optional features you can choose. This means you can rest assured that edge thickness considerations are fully catered for and that invisible joints can be made without any hassle whatsoever.

Having produced world-leading panel saws and edgebanders for decades, we think that you will be impressed by just how much German engineering expertise is brought to bear in both the design and manufacturing of our impressive range.

There is a reason why our products are sold in over 120 countries around the world, after all!


In the past, edge processing was something that would have been commonly conducted by hand. Following the sawing of timber, MDF or plywood, it was normal to make the edges of the material ready for the next step of the manufacturing process, such as the use of sanders, with manual tools. This means that edge banding equipment has traditionally only been purchased in large-scale manufacturing plants that need to process high volumes of edges day-in-day-out. However, since edgebander technology has dropped in price, so they have been devices which have fallen into the remit of smaller manufacturing firms and furniture makers of all kinds. That being said, lower-cost tooling does not always mean that you will achieve the level of reliability you need. As such, seeking the most reliable and durable edgebander machines is of the utmost importance. In this regard, of course, Altendorf's automation engineering excellence and technical service and support can be relied upon.


Adaptability is another key aspect of high-quality edgebanding equipment. After all, most manufacturing firms have designs that change over time, so you need to be able to be sure that the edge banding machine you are thinking of investing in meets both your future as well as your current needs.

Typically, a top-quality edgebander will be able to form strips from various materials, such as PVC, ABS plastic, melamine, laminates, and wooden veneer, to name but a few. Check this before you decide whether or not make a purchase. It is also important to review the various flushing or trimming systems the machine offers. The ability to glue edges on accurately at 90° angles ought to be a prerequisite for this this sort of product, for example.


Altendorf's high-performance edgebanding machinery come in all shapes and sizes to suit every kind of application. For any questions, contact the Altendorf customer service. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions relating to edgebanders, CNC technology, materials, panel saws and any other Altendorf industrial machines.

Just take a look at our F Series of woodworking machines, for example. Here, you will find some of the most sophisticated and precise edge processing systems around that even include complete finishing options, if wanted. The F Series of high-quality edgebanders is well-known for its diamond-tipped cutting and, where applicable, for its complete edge glueing functionality. CNC technology ensures accurate and automatic use of the machines to further increase your efficiency.


Alternatively, industrial edgebanders don't come much more dependable than the Top 2000 Plus, the choice of professionals all over the globe. This established product has an outstanding reputation for reliability and adaptability. You can trim workpieces incredibly quickly and easily thanks to the precise operator-side adjustment controls, for example. It has a dual-tracing surface scraper function which a lot of satisfied customers take advantage of, too.

Of course, there is also the K Series of edgebander machines to consider, a range that is widely praised for its extremely torsion-resistant housing construction. In short, our company produces edgebanding technology with excellent CNC functionality that is designed to suit everyone.

Take a look at our edgebanders or reach out and ask us for help with choosing your ideal edgebanding machine.

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