As a long-established business, we are proud of the level of attention to detail that goes into our high-quality sliding table saws. Ideal for carpenters, cabinet makers and jointers, our table saws are perfect for every kind of job, ensuring that no matter what sort of application you have that it can be met. In fact, our sliding table saws offer a choice of cutting length and saw blade diameter, so you will be able to find exactly the right machine or tool for your needs, whether it is for a workshop or an industrial setting.

We think that our precision German engineering speaks for itself when it comes to industrial sliding table saw products. Not only are you able to obtain some of the best wood cutting equipment around but you will be able to do so in confidence that your heavy-duty table saw will last for a long time, continuing to perform years down the line in just the same way that it did on day one. We have made reliable products for over 110 years, something that speaks of our expertise in saw manufacturing that comes through in every product we make.


At Altendorf, we realize that there are plenty of choices that carpenters and industrial purchasing managers can make when it comes to sliding table saw technology. That is precisely why we take extremely careful steps in our quality control systems to ensure that our sliding table saws reach you ready to cut and in perfect condition. Given that we ship our sliding table saws and other machines to around 120 different countries around the globe, we need to ensure high-quality manufacturing techniques are maintained at all times so that reliability of each sliding table saw is guaranteed.


Many of our products are produced in the town of Minden, close to Hanover, in Germany where we maintain exceptional levels of manufacturing excellence. Even when our overseas facilities are used to produce our machines and equipment, the same level of quality control is met to ensure only the best table saws reach our customers.

So, wherever you are in the world, choosing to buy an Altendorf sliding table saw means purchasing an authentic product which is full of innovative design touches that make cutting a sheer joy. After all, our reputation as a market leader in panel saw technology has not been built since 1906 without keeping a keen eye on exactly what the market wants and designing machines that meet those needs. Every sliding table saw we produce receives the due care and attention that our customers deserve.


Even if you have a single, specific purpose for your proposed sliding table saw, it is best to look for a power tool which offers a great deal of adaptability. This is not something that is always a given with many panel saws and table saw products. Of course, Altendorf's range of sliding table saws really offers all of the flexibility you could wish for which means that, as your needs change from your table saw in the future, you can continue to use it. One of the most important things to look at is whether or not your choice of sliding table saw has expandable sides. If so, then it means that you will be able to cut larger sections of bigger panels. This is especially relevant, of course, if you are opting for a smaller table saw which you intend taking with you to site. A more diminutive machine may be that bit easier to get around but that does not mean that you want to compromise on the sort of sawing jobs you will be able to perform using the sliding table saw.


In addition, you should make a note of the sliding table saw's safety features. High-quality machine manufacturers, like Altendorf, will always include an array of cut-out and other safety systems that make their power tools safe to use in a variety of situations. Look for kick-back safety features like riving knives that can help to prevent injury from the saw on these powerful tools. Another key safety feature to look out for is a sliding table saw's hand guard. These can work in a variety of ways depending on the individual saw but it is crucial to know just how this system will protect users when the blade is doing its job of cutting. Finally, our table saws come with a big or small extraction hood, a key thing to consider if you don't already have an air quality system in place. Keeping dust and other foreign objects away during the manufacturing of your wood products ensures a smooth workflow and reduces maintenance downtime of your sliding table saw.


We produce a number of different models within our superb sliding table saw range. This means you will find the ideal sliding table saw for your requirements with ease. If you are unsure about any aspects of a particular sliding table saw or any other power tool, machine or piece of equipment in our shop, get in touch with our expert technical support team.


The F 45, for example, is an extremely high-tech sliding table saw with a cutting length suited to numerous applications. It has the option of being able to utilise up to four axes, each of which can be moved independently. This sliding table saw also has a double-sided swivel option which means it can be pivoted on both sides for greater ease of use.

There again, you might like to take a look at our WA range of sliding table saw machines. The powerful WA 80, sliding table saw, for example, is configurable in many ways to obtain extreme cutting precision no matter what sort of job you need it for. This particular sliding table saw can offer an impressive maximum drive power of 7.5 kW as well as a maximum cutting length of 4,300 mm depending on its particular set up.

Take a look at our sliding table saws or contact us and ask for assistance with making your choice.

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